Is It Safe To Drink Water In Plastic Bottles

 Have you ever wondered how much plastic is in our environment? It's everywhere! No matter where we go, there are plastic reminders with us. For example bottles for drinks or salads dressing at restaurants; food covers wrapped around fresh fruit and vegetables to keep them cool before eating; packaging from fast-food chains such as Mcdonald's wrapper on the ground beneath its tables - even mattress tags remember when sleeping during your trip home after work.

The world has changed so much because of all these toxins that surround us- especially air pollution due largely change burning fossil fuels like Coal Plants which produce carbon dioxide (CO₄). And while we know CO₄ traps heat within Earth’s atmosphere making it difficult for humans living here today.

The FDA has admitted that plastic leaches around fifty-five to sixty different chemicals when heated. When you heat food in a takeaway container or serve it hot on an inappropriate plate, this process mixes various hormones with your meal! Eating such foods can lead to hormonal imbalance which could cause health issues like PCOD (polycystic ovary syndrome), ovarian problems including cancerous tumors of the womb lining as well as breast cancers later on in life because these synthetic estrogens mimic those made by normal human estrogen receptors too much for comfort sometimes.

Many of us have grown up around things made from plastic and never questioned it. But now, as a result of research being done on how these materials impact our health--including the risks they pose to unborn children in pregnant mothers who drink contaminated water because their bottles allow toxic chemicals into them when heated by sunlight or microwaves--, we know that there's no need for excuses anymore!

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